Poche' Polygraph                                                     Expert Examiner: Clay Poche'

Welcome to Poche' Polygraph!

Clay Poche' is a highly trained polygraph examiner and is a graduate of the Federal Department of Defense Polygraph Institute, which is renowned as the best polygraph school in the world.  Clay has years of experience and advanced training in the field of polygraph.  Clay utilizes the state-of-the-art Lafayette Computerized Polygraph System.  Clay is licensed to conduct polygraph examination in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and other states.  

Clay is a retired FBI Agent and FBI Polygraph Examiner, with over thirty years of FBI experience.  Clay is the Vice Chairman for the Alabama Board of Polygraph Examiners.  He has conducted over 4,500 polygraph specific examinations and over 13,000 polygraph charts. 
  Since his retirement from the FBI in 2002, Clay has conducted thousands of polygraph examinations for federal, state, county, and city law enforcemt agencies, as well as for attorneys, probation offices, businesses, and private individuals


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